What gave you the impression Catholics worship Mary or other “icons” ( you mean saints right?)? Mary is my mother as Christ is my brother. The saints are my brothers and sisters in Christ. To assume that I worship Mary and the Saints because I love them and have pictures of them must mean that any photos you have of your family must be a form of worship. Any love you feel for others must be a form of worship. I can’t love someone without worshipping them…right?

I keep photos of my family, that includes my brothers and sisters in Christ. How I love to look at their photos and remember how they too struggled as human beings on the path to heaven. They are little gems of love! You can love someone without worshiping them, worship is reserved for God alone.

"Blood is thicker then water, but the waters if Baptism are thicker then blood."

Catholic Problems


Wanting to take a Photo of the Blessed Sacrament during adoration but don’t want to bring in your phone (even on silent).

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