It is Month of the Holy Rosary


But also Infant and Pregnancy loss awareness month.

Please join me in saying a nightly Rosary this month for all of those suffering from infant and pregnancy loss, also for those suffering from infertility.

(via mia-fotografia)

5 year old daughter: Mommy I don't feel like going to Mass.

Me: Sometimes mommy doesn't feel like cooking dinner.

5 year old daughter: You don't?!

Me: I don't, and sometimes I don't feel like cleaning the toilet.

5 year old daughter: Ew it's gross!

Me: Super gross! And sometimes I don't feel like washing everyone's dirty socks and underwear.

5 year old daughter: Mine aren't dirty!

Me: They were before I washed them! Do you know why I do all these things that I don't feel like doing?

5 year old daughter: Because you love us!

Me: Jesus knows how hard it is for us to do things for Him. When He wants us to go to Mass, or wants us not to sin, He isn't asking us to do hard things. He is asking, "Do you love Me?"

5 year old daughter: Love is hard.

*For anyone who doesn't feel like going to Mass today.*

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